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My name is Jessy De Frenne, graduated from the KULeuven after the 5-year training as 'Master in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy for musculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries' and since 2009 I have been working as an independent physiotherapist in Hoeilaart. Since 2012, I have been working full-time in my own physio-practice.


Driven by my profession, I follow various additional training courses yearly, to stay up-to-date with the latest research and treatment techniques. Afterwards I continued my study for 2 years at the interuniversity training (UAntwerp, KULeuven, UGent, VUBrussel) and obtained my diploma of 'Special competence in pelvic re-education and perinatal physiotherapy'.

Throughout my training as a physiotherapist, I became passionate about the functioning of the small pelvis, the pregnant body & the postpartum. I view each problem from multiple perspectives, and re-evaluate during each session whether the path taken, is the right one for my patient. In my practice I treat each patient individually so that a personal approach is guaranteed.


Besides being a physical therapist, I’m also a (sporty) mom of two adorable kids. 



  • Master of physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences (5 years – graduated from KULeuven 2009) with university specializations : Sports injuries / Manual practice Perinatal physiotherapy

    • Thesis: the scientific evidence of perinatal and perineal physiotherapy

  • 2-year inter-university training (UAntwerp, KULeuven, UGent, VUBrussel): Pelvic re-education and perinatal physiotherapy

    • Thesis : Treatment of chronic pain, central sensitization

  • recent trainings:

    • manual cervical therapy for headache

    • manual therapy thoraco-lumbal

    • manual lymph-drainage

    • clinical pearls of the most common tendon injuries

    • frozen shoulder

    • prostate specific training

    • diastasis rectus abdominis

    • women's health: perinatal physiotherapy

    • coccyx pain

    • shoulder injuries

    • hyperventilation explained

    • lateral hip & buttock pain

    • masterclass pelvic organ prolaps

    • pelvic floor birth trauma

    • pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain

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