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Want to strengthen your postnatal body with a fun, postnatal *MamaBaby Workout!* together with other new mommies?


During this workout you will strengthen your body and improve your condition after pregnancy. You can choose to:  take your baby with you, let it rest in a baby nest, or actively involve it in the exercises. The choice is yours!

This *MamaBaby Workout!* doesn’t replace your (individually supervised) postnatal physiotherapy. A minimum requirement is that your body must be at least 6 weeks postnatal.

Exercises are adapted to what you are already allowed to do at that moment. If there are specific problems, let me know, so that I can certainly take them into account, with the necessary discretion.


Content: ao.

- Core stability

- Abs (postnatal specific)

- Power

- Cardio

- Stretches

- Pelvic floor training (not individual)


30 euros per series of 2 dates.

You can cancel free of charge until the last Monday just before the planned work-out on Friday. Sessions canceled later then that day will only be half refunded.


2 consecutive Fridays 13h-13h45/month.

The exact dates will be communicated via the 'events' on my facebook page.

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Vroedvrouwenpraktijk Inteam - Large hall

Waversesteenweg 51A

1560 Hoeilaart

Sign up

Mail to

You will receive an email with the details of the payment of 30 euros. It is not possible to register per session. Your participation is confirmed by this payment.

Bring over

- Big towel for the mom

- Small towel for the baby

- Sporty clothes


Do you have any questions? Then you can always email me and I'll be happy to help you. 

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