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Please read this important information before booking appointments so that I can ensure the continuity and success of your treatment, and to make sure your appointment is not declined due to incompleteness.

Never book more than 3 appointments (unless for postnatal sessions)

Never book more than 1 appointment per week

Please be aware that if you cannot book 3 appointments online, I can’t offer more in the

desired time period neither.

(!) IMPORTANT: No new appointments possible for certain new treatments except for pre- and post-natal kine, as well as pelvic floor problems, shockwave. If you are unsure whether your treatment belongs to this, please email.

Any online booking will still need to be accepted by the physiotherapist before this

appointment is confirmed. Please always note very clearly the diagnosis or reason for your visit in the booking! No reason: no confirmation possible.


You want to start a new treatment in my practice, book 3 sessions :

PATIENT STOP : 1st Appointment General Physiotherapy (upper and lower spine, tendons, muscles, joints etc.):

Book this ‘1st Appointment General Physiotherapy’ + 2 General Physiotherapy follow-up appointments, spread over several weeks. (3 sessions in total)

1st Appointment Pelvic Floor

Book this 1st Appointment Pelvic Floor + 2 pelvic floor follow-up appointments (30min), spread over several weeks. (3 sessions in total)


Book 3 sessions of 'shockwave' with a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 2 weeks between each session.

For all further

All the following appointments are taken with me in my practice.

Nieuwe behandeling
Pre & postnatale Kinesitherapie - Pelvische reëducatie - Algemene Kinesitherapie - Hoeilaa

You are pregnant (or you gave birth)? Congratulations!

It's best to book the following 3 types of appointments already during pregnancy. (The longer you wait, the less choice I have in my agenda).

- Book 1x a prenatal pelvic floor session between wk 16-37 of the pregnancy, especially if it is your first pregnancy, or if repetition is desired.

- Book 1x a prenatal delivery session (with partner if possible) between weeks 34-37, especially if it is your first pregnancy, or if repetition is desired.

- Book 6 postnatal appointments, 1x/wk. Book these sessions already while still pregnant. Depending on the type of delivery, you start on a different date:

  • Expected Vaginal delivery: during your pregnancy, you already schedule your 1st postnatal session between wk 4-8 after the expected delivery date and add 5 more (1x/wk)

  • Planned cesarean section: during your pregnancy, you already schedule your 1st session around wk 6-8 after the planned cesarean section and add 5 more (1x/wk)

  • In the end your vaginal delivery became a cesarean? No problem, you send me an email after birth and we will adjust the dates by email.​

If you don't find a prenatal appointment online, you can always send an email.

For all further questions :

Ik ben zwanger


Consultations by appointment only.

I speak Dutch, French and English. 


+32 478 66 48 00

I don't work with voicemail!


I always try to respond to your email within 48 hours. Please check your spam if you did not get a response after 1 week.

Open on

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 8am-6pm

Wednesday 8am-12pm

Friday 8am – 4.30pm


Kerkstraat 18, 1560 Hoeilaart


Payment is made per session.

You can pay via BANCONTACT or a bank app on your smartphone. 

I’m not part of the convention. This means that we do not charge the rates imposed by the Riziv. Your treatment will be partially reimbursed by the mutuality. In the case of surgeries and hospitalizations (+ childbirth), the hospitalization insurance will reimburse a big part of what the mutuality did not reimburse in the first 3 (to 6) months. You can always send me an email to get more info on the current rates.

Contact & Info
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